Dogs have been gnawing on antlers for as long as both have existed, but only recently have city dogs gotten their teeth on them!

Elk antler makes for an ideal dog chew. Its hard enough to effectively clean your pet's teeth, very long lasting, extremely tasty and doesn't stink or stain. Fresh, high quality elk antler is also very unlikely to splinter, making it far safer for your pet than bones.

Lastly, elk antler is an excellent source of both calcium and phosphorous, essential minerals your dog needs for optimum bone density, blood coagulation, muscle contraction and nerve transmission.

Beware of cheap alternatives.

As antler dog chews have become more popular high grade product is getting scarcer, and that has led to some disreputable suppliers entering the market. These people sell years old, low grade antler scavenged from the wild, which can dangerously splinter when chewed, as well as potentially carry disease and parasites. We sell only our own fresh, grade A antler, carefully cleaned, inspected and cut for your dog to enjoy.