Located near the town of Black Diamond, Alberta (about 50 km southwest of Calgary), North Fork Elk Ranch lies amidst the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

The indigenous homeland of the Rocky Mountain elk, its the perfect place to raise these majestic animals - for its here that they've evolved to exist in perfect harmony with nature.

As the First Nations learned centuries ago, elk can provide us with many gifts. From their extraordinarily lean and vitamin rich meat, to antlers which can be harvested (and regrown) each year for traditional medicines, these wonderful animals are truly one of the great treasures of Alberta.

Because they're native to Alberta, elk are far more efficient feed converters than cattle, and have metabolisms that accelerate in the summer and slow in the winter months, mirroring natural food availability. Ranched elk are raised naturally, without the use of growth hormones or animal protein products, and this goodness is passed on in a superior tasting, fine-textured meat without any of the gamey taste of their wild cousins.